My Pride Animation


We are Savannah Studios!

Here, at, we are working on making an animated series, based on the story 'My Pride' (read the story on tribble-of-doom's DeviantART)

Hobblestep, a young, crippled lioness who suffers from depression, is simply going through her harsh life the best she can, trying desperately to find a place where she can be happy. Along the way, she helps out some cheetahs, is prisoner to a pack of African Wild-dogs, struggles to be with the one lion she loves, and is part of something mysterious from the past.

We are currently focusing on character design, and getting some animators! If you would like to be an animator, feel free! (please note that the animation isn't going to be five-star quality, and only a simple program such as MS Paint or GIMP is required)

One we have finished most of the characters, we will be starting on the opening theme! This will be our first real project, and once it is finished, we can start working on animating the chapters!!!

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