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Animation Process
Anything and Everything involved in the making of the 'My Pride' animation series
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post here to confirm assignments =]
291by minon of the textminon of the text
17 Jun 2009 22:58Jump!
like the title says - everything to do with Backgrounds
348by TribbsTribbs
03 Jun 2009 10:54Jump!
Feel free to comment on the Storyboards =]
142by TribbsTribbs
13 May 2009 21:41Jump!
Please help us come up with a design for the lions!
25622by minon of the textminon of the text
22 May 2009 22:38Jump!
Discussions and Ideas for the Over-all animation of 'My Pride'
480by TribbsTribbs
30 Apr 2009 02:29Jump!
all the other excellent crap that just doesn't fit into the other categories.
149by ScarletawakeningScarletawakening
15 Apr 2009 19:25Jump!
the background sounds etc
142by MoonwraithMoonwraith
02 Mar 2009 08:37Jump!
other excellent crap =]
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Let's get to know each other a little better!!
17102by CambriaCambria
13 Apr 2009 15:08Jump!
Chat about anything and everything =]
3131by firedragon5firedragon5
19 May 2009 19:34Jump!
chat about real big cats - like Tigers, Lions, Leopards etc, and why we all love 'em so much!
747by minon of the textminon of the text
12 Mar 2009 01:09Jump!
Show off your animations, and get some feedback!
136by minon of the textminon of the text
06 May 2009 23:10Jump!
okay, a little Fan Club, where you can but up all of your FanArt, FanFictions, and other stuff related to how much you love My Pride =]
112by TribbsTribbs
26 Apr 2009 02:26Jump!

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